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Post - Fracture - 1 Aug (2)
31 August 2023
Has my pet fractured their leg?
A fracture most commonly happens with trauma (for example: hit by car, fallen from height) although certain conditions can cause a fracture without associated trauma.   Symptoms include: Sudden lameness Holding up the leg Extreme pain Swelling at the site of the fracture Leg is lying at an awkward angle A dangling leg   ⚠️A dog or cat with a suspected broken leg should be seen by the vet as soon as possible.   ⚠️Transporting a pet with a suspected broken leg: If your dog is small enough, carry them carefully. It may be easier to wrap them in a blanket. If you have a larger dog, they may still be able to walk on the other 3 legs, it may help to give them some support by placing a towel under their tummy. If they are unable to walk, move them into a large towel or blanket and get 2 people to carry them in it like a sling. Don’t touch or try to manipulate the fractured leg as this will be painful. Please keep in mind when transporting your pet that they will be in some pain and are scared. They may not act like their normal selves and yelp or even try to bite you. Be careful and try to reassure them.   ⚠️What will happen next: After a history is taken and clinical examination is performed, the vet can often give an indication of the problem. They will also administer pain relief. X -rays +/- CT scans will be used to assess the fracture properly. Depending on the type and location of the fracture, they can be treated conservatively (with rest, splints or cast material) or surgically (with pins, plates or external fixators)   If the fracture happened during a big trauma, the pet may be in shock or have other serious injuries. The pet will need to be stabilised and any life threatening injuries dealt with prior to the fracture management.   ☎️If your pets are in an emergency or if you have general inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Veterinary Emergency Centre (VEC).   General Hotline: 2334-2334 24-Hour Emergency Hotline: 6282-8179 & 6828-6620


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