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Cost & Payment

Cost Estimates

The veterinarian in charge of your animal’s care will provide you with a detailed cost estimation. The estimate will list the approximate cost of services, procedures, tests, drugs, and supplies.

The original cost estimate, which may reflect only the initial diagnostic and treatment plan, may change based on decisions you and your veterinarian make regarding your animal’s care and treatment.

Day Care and Hospitalization in VEC Hospital varies between $350 up depending on the level of patient care and monitoring required.



Payment Options
The VEC accepts payment by:

  • Cash
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay)
  • EPS

Personal cheques are not accepted at the VEC  

Payment plans are not available at the VEC. 


VEC requires payment at the time of service unless you are receiving field service or your animal is being hospitalized.


Payment For Hospitalized Animals
If your animal is hospitalized, half of the estimate is due before services are provided. Final payment is due at the time of discharge. Occasionally, the hospital will e-mail statements to you for additional tests that you approved.


If you have questions or concerns about fees and payments, please contact 2334-2334



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