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Dental Disease in Cats
Dental Disease
16 April 2024

Not all dental disease in cats is visible.


As well as bad breath, plaque, and tartar, TOOTH RESORPTION is a condition which we commonly detect in cats.


70% of cats over 5 years old have 1 or more RESORPTIVE LESIONS.


This is a condition where the tooth erodes and resorbs, exposing the sensitive nerves in the centre of the tooth, which leads to chronic pain. Often we diagnose this condition in cats who had no external symptoms at home, because cats are so good at hiding their pain. In the advanced stages, dental disease can lead to changes in behaviour and loss of appetite.


Recently my own 6-year-old cat had a dental with 4 extractions due to tooth resorption. He recovered well from the procedure and is now happier eating his wet and dry food pain-free.


At VEC we have dental X-rays to accurately detect early resorption.


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General Hotline: 2334-2334

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